Affiliate program

Join affiliate marketing programs. The easiest way of earning through an affiliate program. Highest commision on commission per sales. Highest commission on Cpl campaigns.



The products which we want to promote through our affiliate program will be Sports and Fitness commodities.
Sports products will include all the commodities or products which are used in Indoor or Outdoor sports activities or Team or Individual Sports activities.

Fitness products include Gym equipment, Machinery, Fitness wearables and Exercising products.



We are offering 8-10% of commission on every sale.



1.The payment to the affiliate marketers will be made only on the successfully delivered products, as we don't want to entertain fake orders and so expectations.
2.Payment to the affiliate marketers will be made on NET 30 days after the product has been successfully delivered.
3.Games On Doors reserves the sole right to stop the campaign without giving any prior notice however the information will be communicated to the marketers afterwards.
4.In case of dispute, Games On Doors reserves the right to take the final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions.